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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Its time for a "Zumbo Effect"- Dump the AWB!

First, what's a "Zumbo Effect'? Tom Gresham has coined the term for the internet circumstance that effectively put Jim Zumbo out in the cold after his ill-advised rant against "scary, black rifles" this past weekend. If you read my previous post, Dump Zumbo, you are aware of the circumstances that all occurred over this past, three-day weekend.

Gresham's point is this, if we gunowners can pull together over one weekend to make our feelings known about someone trying to divide us into "good" gun owners and "bad" gun owners, how do we turn the same amount of effort into persuading our elected officials to deny further attempts to ban our guns through legislation?

If you don't know, the Clinton era, Assault Weapons Ban legislation is back for review in the US Congress. The nearly same gun ban that complicated all our lives, drove up prices of accessories and eventually proved completely futile is back under consideration. If you remember, the prior AWB made owning, selling and buying certain semi-automatic guns illegal simply because of their appearances. Folding stocks, pistol grips, detachable magazines and flash hiders were just some of the features that made these guns banned.

Now this ban is back in play and our Congress critters are going to spend time debating whether it should be a law again. Gresham says that we gunowners need to use the same volume of energy that grounded Jim Zumbo over one weekend to kill further debate on this Assault Weapons Ban and to let our elected officials know that we won't tolerate this obvious attempt to take away our guns, no matter what the type.
How often over the last 30 years, as I fought for gun rights, traveled to Washington, DC, wrote about gun rights, spoke at the Gun Rights Policy Conference, and for the last 14 years, broadcasted about gun rights on the radio, have I lamented the inability to get gun owners motivated to protect their own rights? This powerful example shows that it can be done.

Now, the real question is whether we can generate that kind of response when we need to defeat a gun ban. Can we melt down mail servers of elected representatives the way gun owners hammered the servers at various companies? I don't know.

What I do know is that we are facing more calls for gun bans and restrictions on our gun rights over the next few years than we have seen in the last 40 years. Someone on the side of gun rights needs to develop a way to replicate this . . . this "Zumbo Effect" . . . to beat back the assault which has already started.

We must find a way to "Zumbo" our attackers in Congress, in the state houses, and wherever they assault our rights.
You know that I agree with him, 100%!

Expect that I will be blogging about every effort to kill this bad bit of legislation every chance I get!

UPDATE: Here is another article that tells more about the Zumbo situation and encourages the same amount of effort be applied to Congress. There's no permalink, so read it before it rolls off the front page. Read this post about Zumbo's quickly fading sponsors and memorize this wonderful ending sentence-
And Jim Zumbo ... May you lie happily ever after in the arms of Sarah Brady, you ignorant, elitist, traitorous, backstabbing scum. Maybe she'll sponsor your program or publish your column now that the whole world knows you're on her side.

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